Bulosan Memorial Exhibit
Bulosan Memorial Exhibit
Carlos Bulosan Memorial Exhibit

"Can you read the Secrets
Of history in my face?"


The Artist

Eliseo is a painter, playwright and a public artist. He was a scholar for four years and graduated from the Philippine High School for the Arts (PHSA) at the National Arts Center, Mt. Makiling, Laguna, Philippines with the gold medal for the Visual Arts. He obtained his BFA in Fine Arts from Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles and was awarded the Liquitex Excellence in Art Student Grant. His many awards include the Roaring Tiger Award for Inspirational Leadership form Riverside Community College, the Liquitex Excellence in Art Purchase Award from Binney and Smith, and the Award of Design Excellence for outstanding design in public art from City of Los Angeles Board of Cultural Affairs Commissioners. He has written scripts for various plays commemorating Filipino and Filipino American history and experience; and, has exhibited his artworks extensively in the Philippines, Japan, India, Canada, Hawaii and the United States. He has also taught at Cal Poly Pomona's Asian American studies, and has conducted workshops and lectures around college campuses throughout Southern California. Eliseo's work has been presented as the official gift of Los Angeles Mayor Riordan and City of Carson Mayor Pete Fajordo during former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos' official visit to their respective cities. Last year, the National Centennial Commission sponsored Eliseo to paint a mural at the 4th Annual Boracay International Arts Festival as part of the year-long commemoration of the Philippine Centennial. His artwork has been included at the Philippine Centennial Time Capsule in Jose Rizal Parks' Binhi ng Kalayaan Monument, to be opened again in 2098, when the Philippines celebrates its bicentennial. He has completed thirteen public art murals to date including the nation's largest Filipino American mural (145' x 25') located in Los Angeles, a mural for a Jewish Center, and a mural celebrating Asian American history and experience at Cal Poly Pomona University's Asian and Pacific Islander Student Center.


About the Mural

ďCan You Read the Secrets of History in My FaceĒ

     Contained within a portion of Carlos S. Bulosanís face is the base for the imagery of the mural. At the top section, along Bulosanís hairline is the summarized interpretation of the centuries of struggle for national liberation in the Philippines. Underneath, which comprises almost the entire canvas, is the visualization of the history and experiences of Filipino Americans, inspired mostly by the narrative in the authorís masterpiece: America is in the Heart. The title of the painting was from Bulosanís poem: "The Shadow of the Terror," which reads in part:

   You are the foundation of this nation
   Here are the landmarks of your tradition
   Here are factors of human condition....

   What is my crime?
   I am talking to you - what is my crime?
   I want to know what you are concealing from me
   I want to feel the thrill of being so near to murder
   Is it a great secret?

  Can You hear my heart brothers?
  Can You read the secrets of history in my face?

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Organizers: Mensalvas, Domingo, & Viernes